Monday, June 7, 2010

On The Great Menagerie

Blackie's Blues

By Blackie Schwartzkopf,

Impresario, Lamb's Performing Objects

Dear Friends,

I'm often asked "What methods do you use to train your marvelous beasts?" I must answer that it was the beasts, now known as The Great Menagerie, who have educated me.

When I met the first of the animals who are now my clients, colleagues and companions, they came with nothing. Nothing but a question - a question which now has become well known: "What Other Beasts?"

Attempting to solve this riddle has led me down roads sometimes even more meandering and stoney than those winding between the venues where we perform. New questions arose. What are the rhetorics of reverie? What is the motive power of objects? The question: “What Other Beasts?” remains. I invite greater minds than my own to theorize.

Meanwhile, The Great Menagerie astounds audiences. I occupy myself with managing their careers.

From the road,


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